The fieldwork in geology


Geological cartography

Thematic geological maps of Catalonia (director maps). Source: Catalogue of the map collection of Dept. Geograf. y Soc. de la UdL (Catalan)

Geological cartography of Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya

Geological map of Spain (Magna digital). Source: IGME (Spanish)

Geological maps and cross sections (introduction, practice.) Source: UAM (Spanish)


Topographic cartography

Cartographic visualizer of Barcelona area. Source: Diputació de Barcelona (Catalan)

Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya. Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan)

Hypermap. Electronic atlas of Catalonia. Source: Departament de Política Territorial i Obres Públiques de la Generalitat de Catalunya

Available cartography of Barcelona region. Source: Diputació de Barcelona (Catalan)

Available catographic documentation in UAB map collection (Catalonia.) Source: Biblioteca de la UAB

Topographic maps orders. Scales 1:50.000 and 1:25.000 (Spain.) Source: Servicio Geográfico del Ejército

Fundamentals of topographic maps. Source: UAM (Spanish)

Fundamentals of maps, remote sensing and GIS. Source: CNTS, USGS (English)

Basic concepts of orientation and compass. Several sources (Spanish)

Basic concepts of photogeology. Source: UAM (Spanish)

Online dictionaries and glossaries

Geological terminology. Author: Josep Verd (Catalan)

Glossary of external geological agents. Autor: J. Giner (catalán).

Dictionary of geology. Author: Francesc Murgadas (Catalan)

International glossary of hydrology. Source: UNESCO (Spanish)

Geologic glossary. Source: Student Resource Center (GeologyLink), Houghton Mifflin (English)

Oilfield glossary. Author: Schlumberger (English)

Vocabulary of mountain terminology. Source: G.A.E.M. (Catalan)

Dictionaries and terminolgy of karst and speleology. Source: AER (Spanish, English)

Mining and geology dictionary. Source: Minería-Ecuador (Spanish)



Online edaphology course. Source: Universidad de Granada (Spanish)

Edaphology: soils fomation and classification. Source: USDA (English)

Soils science: educational website. Source: NASA (English)

Geology of Catalonia (generalities)

Introduction to the geology of Catalonia. Structural and geological units. Source: CEDEC (Catalan)

The main geological units of Catalonia. Author: A. Teixell (Catalan)

Seismotectonic zonation of Catalonia. Source: Gencat, ICC (Catalan)

Elementary notes on the formation, relief and geological constitution of Catalonia. Source: ICE (Catalan)

Geology of Catalonia (high school level). Source: ICE (Catalan)

Geological heritage of Catalonia. Sites of geological interest of Catalonia. Source: Gencat, Dep. Medi Ambient (Catalan)

Geology of Catalonia (Pyrenees and other units)

Geology of the Pyrenees. Source: GGAC-ub (English)

Pyrenees structure. Author: W.P. Schellart (English)

Pyrenees formation step by step (animated application of the project ECORS-Pirineos). Source: Gencat, informatic applications. Authors: A. Martínez and J.A. Van Eeckhout (Catalan)

Geology of the Catalan Pyrenees: select bibliography. Author: Ian West, Southampton University (English)

Geology and formation of the Pedraforca. Source: Gencat, dept. Medi Ambient (Catalan)

Environmental geology of Depressió de la Selva. Author: M. Vehi (UAB) (Catalan)

Geology of Bages region. Source: ICHN (Catalan)


Structural geology

Structural geology and global dynamics notes. Links. Author: J.R. Martínez Catalán – G. Gutiérrez Alonso (Universidad de Salamanca) (Spanish)

Spanish geology (other regions)

Geology of Galicia

Geology of Aragón

Iberian geology (bibliography.) Source: UAB, CSIC



External geological agents and processes. Source: Josep Giner (Catalan)

Introduction to geomorphology. All kind of external processes. Source: Okanagan University College (English)

Weathering processes. Source: Telépolis (Spanish)

Elementary notes on weathering and soils. Source: N.S.G. (Univ. Uakron) (English)

Glaciers and glaciarism (English)

Hydrology, hydrogeology

Hydrogeology, Hydrology and Hydrochemistry notes. Author: J. Sánchez San Román, Univ. Salamanca (Spanish)

Water cycle. Environmental management of water. Source: Agència Catalana de l’Aigua (Catalan)

Fluvial hydrology. Source: Yahoo Encyclopédie (French)

Water quality. Analytics. Source: Univ. de Atacama (Spanish)

Geology and Earth Science institutes

Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya (Cartographic Institute of Catalonia). Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan)

Instituto Geológico y Minero de España (Geological and Mining Institute of Spain) (Spanish)

The Geological Society of America (English)

US Geological Survey (English)

Geological Surveys of the World (English)

Geological itineraries

Cingles de Bertí, El Figaró-Montmany. Author: GEORACÓ (Catalan)

Environmental and geological itinerary across Vall d’Àger and Conca de Tremp-Dellà. Author: CDECT (Catalan)  

Geological itinerary and guide of Pedraforca (PDF version, 1.7 Mb.) Source: Albert Martínez Rius (consultant geologist) and Dept. Medi Ambient Generalitat de Catalunya

Fieldwork in Conca de Tremp. Source: Prof. R. Linares, UAB (Catalan) 

Geological itinerary across vallée d’Aspe. Source: GEOLVAL (French) 

Accompanied geological itineraries. Source: AGEA Recursos (Catalan) 

Siccar Point field excursion (Scotland) (English) 

Fieldtrips of the Geology department of the James Madison University (English)

Hartford Basin Long Island Geologists Field Trip June 27, 2002 (English)

Road, mobility and geographical location maps

Road maps of Catalonia. The gateway to mobility. Source: Gencat, (Catalan)

Road maps of Spain, route planning. Source: CAMPSA

The state of roads. Source: TVC on line, Gencat (Catalan)

Maps of Catalonia National Parks. Park routes. Source: Generalitat de Catalunya.

Maps of Catalonia (all kind of subjects). Source: Generalitat de Catalunya and others (Catalan)

All the villages of Catalonia (accomodation, interesting information, etc.)

Mineralogy, mines and mining 

Minerals of Spain. Source: Dept. Cristalografía y Mineralogía de la Univ. de Valladolid (Spanish)

Minerals description by name, class, image and other. Source: Amethyst Galleries Inc. (English)

Mineral database (information, description and definitions)

Minerals and rocks interactive guide with guides, pictures, glossaries, etc. Source: E.T.S.I. de Montes, Univ. Politécnica de Madrid (castellano).

The gateway to mineralogy, mining and other resources. Source: A.M.Y.F. – BARITEL (Spanish)

Mineral identification guide. Source: IES Pius Font i Quer de Manresa, Proyecto < Mineralia > (Catalan)


Recognition and classification of the sedimentary record most characteristic fossils. Source: J.M. González (UAM) (Spanish)

Catalan museums with palaeontologic collections. Associations and university departments where palaeontology and palaeontologic material are managed.

Palaeontologic resources. Source: Paleontología Hispana © A.J. Molina

Main fossil groups. Source: Fósil, Revista de Paleontología (Museo Nacional de Hist. Nat. de Santiago de Chile) (Spanish)

Palaeobotanics links and resources on the Net. Source: Wuerzburg University (English)

South-west Asian present molluscs picture collection. Source: Charles J. Geerts (English)


Igneous and metamorphic petrology 

Magmatism and metamorphism notes. Author: J.M. González Casado (UAM) (Spanish)

Igneous rocks: mineralogy and petrology. Source: Webmaster (Spanish)

Igneous rocks: mineralogy, classification, igneous processes, textures, pictures and classification keys. Source: James Madison University (English)

Metamorphic rocks: mineralogy, classification, metamorphic processes, facies, kinds of metamorphism, pictures and identification keys. Source: James Madison University (English)

The interactive granite (Rob’s Granite Page). Author: Robert M. Reed (Univ. of Texas at Austin) (English)

Sedimentary petrology

Document “Del sedimento arenoso a la roca” (From sandy sediment to rock) by A. Obrador and R. Estrada, Departament de Geologia de la UAB (Spanish)

Sedimentary rocks: mineralogy, classification, sedimantery processes, textures, pictures and classification keys. Source: James Madison University (English)

Geological general resources

Earth Science resources on the Net. Source: UB – Institut Jaume Almera (CSIC)

Physical geology (complementary web of “Earth” by Tarbuck & Lutgens, Prenhall eds.) (English)

Physical geography fundamentals. Author: Michael J. Pidwirny, Dept. Geography Okanagan University College (English)

Geology web page of the U.S. Geological Survey (English)

Geology in the US National Parks. Source: U.S. Geological Survey & National Park Service (English)

Geology notes. Source: “La Facu” (Spanish)

General geology notes. Source: Universidad de Atacama, Dep. de Minas (Spanish)

The complete guide to Earth Science. Dirección: Andrew Alden (inglés).

Graphical resources and picture galleries

Geology and meteorology drawings and diagrams (Catalan)

Earth Science Word Image Bank. Source: American Geological Institute (AGI)

Geological landscapes gallery (English)

Picture library. Source: The Geological Society of London (English)

USA National Parks, with picture galleries. Source: Nacional Park Service.

Pictures of geologic features and processes. Source: Andrew Alden (English)

Security in geologic fieldtrips

La seguridad en el transcurso de las actividades de campo: recomendaciones generales (Code for Geological Fieldwork). Fuente: The Geological Society (inglés).

El riesgo de accidente en las salidas de campo, peligrosidad, precauciones y pautas de comportamiento. Fuente: Ian West, School of Ocean Earth Science, Southampton University (inglés).

Geologic time table

Geologic time table of Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya (Catalan)

Geologic time table. Source: Santiago Pastrana, geographer (Spanish)

Geological time table of Alaska Fairbanks University (English)


Volcanos. Source: USGS (English)

Italian volcanism

Volcano World. Source: North Dakota University (English)

Volcanism in Catalonia guide. Garrotxa volcanic area (Catalan)

Volcanos and volcanic processes educational website. Author: V. Campo, San Diego State University (English)

Photo glossary of volcanic terms. Source: USGS (English)

List of websites about volcanism:

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