The fieldwork in geology

Where are we going?

Catalonia is an area with an exceptional geologic diversity where almost all types of materials in an age interval that includes the bulk of geologic time can be recognised. Large contrasts of current environments make possible to go from beach areas to the highest peaks of the Pyrenees going through fluvial, lacustrine or karstic environments. The expression of many processes has left its mark in the geologic record: stratigraphic series, palaeontologic sites, volcanic eruptions, unique morphologies… This rich and near heritage creates a geologic mosaic of great interest within our reach.

Choosing the places where fieldwork activities can be carried out has to do with particular interests of Geology enthusiasts and researchers. However, fieldtrips made in the different levels of education have more to do with:

  • the contents of the subjects that we are studying
  • the regional geology of the nearest surroundings to our educational institution
  • time availability for field activities
  • accessibility of the sites according to the kind of transport used

No matter the chosen site is, it is important to locate the area from a geographic point of view and to know in advance the regional geologic characteristics.

The following informative sections will help you for your first approach:

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