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“GEOCAMP’s field trips ” section is an open space for the publication of geological field trips by geologists and / or teachers of Sciences of the Earth at any educational level. Your are all welcome to end us your contributions.

In GEOCAMP we understand a “field trip” as a set of materials (texts and images) capable to bring descriptive information and tutorial to enhance geological knowledge from a direct contact with the environment.

The itineraries published in GEOCAMP aim to be a tool to help Geologcal Education. That’s why it’s main goal is the use of the geological regional heritage. Geocamp will not consider very specialized field guides or inventories of areas and places of geological interest.

Publication of an itinerary in the GEOCAMP web requires: (1) contributors acceptance of the established rules, (2) fulfillment of an edition procedure and (3) submission of the original to a reviewing process.

(4) Contents of itineraries to be publishes in GEOCAMP must to be original. Any incorporation of non original texts, pictures or figures must include reference of the original source and/or own the proper authorization. Publication language will be Spanish. Based on the accepted Spanish version, other languages will also be admitted.

Trips accepted for publication will be incorporated in the GEOCAMP website in pdf format. Authors resign trips copyright and authorize their use . Such use will always include reference of the original source. Nevertheless, it will be absolutely forbidden to use contents (full or partial) with commercial purposes.

1 Publication procedure for trip authors are found as informative ‘pop-ups’ in the computer application. All the formal aspects are of obliged fulfillment in order that an itinerary is accepted for publication.

2 GEOCAMP’s computer application has a general pattern to be matched by any trip. The structure and the content of each field will have to be fulfilled completed according to the publication procedure. The edition process of a trip may not be fast. For this reason, the application allows to record and to keep modifications.

3 Once the edition process is fully accomplished, the author will have to change the document status so that it can be submitted to the reviewing process. The persons in charge of GEOCAMP’s administration will send the original submission to a minimum of two external revisers who will form a part of a Advising Committee. If it is considered to be necessary, the number of reviewers will expanded or additional reports may even be requested to experts on the regional geology of the trip area. Once reviewing process is finished, GEOCAMP administration will notify to the first author the acceptance (or not) or will notify if some modifications are required. Once a trip is accepted, further modifications will be allowed if contents are to be improved or some missing mistake can be amended.

4 GEOCAMP is not responsible for the absolute originality of texts or figures included in the published trips, despite these have undergone revision. In case of legal demand, authors will be entirely responsible.

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