The fieldwork in geology

How to arribe

Choosing means of transport is an important point when programming and carrying out Geology field activities.

The means of transport that will be used must be chosen attending to different factors such as:

  • the distance to the place we want to visit,
  • the number of people that are taking part in the activity,
  • students’ age,
  • fieldtrip’s aims,
  • budget,
  • weather conditions,
  • autonomy degree expected,
  • etc.

It is essential to define in advance:

  • a meeting point,
  • the route,
  • the places that will be visited,
  • stops to eat or to go to public conveniences,
  • coming out and returning schedule,
  • as well as all those logistic and organization aspects that will make the activity succeed.

It is recommended to previously give this information written to all the participants. Nowadays having a mobile phone list seems to be almost essential in order to communicate if necessary. As regards public transport, it is good to have alternative timetables in case of incidences or programme modifications.

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