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About Geocamp

Geocamp is the gateway to Geology field activities. It is a free access website for students and teachers that use field activities for teaching and learning. It can also be interesting for Earth Science enthusiasts interested in making regional discovering activities.

Geocamp appeared from the initiative of many teachers of Geology from several Catalan universities (UAB, UdG and UPC) that wanted to create multimedia software with didactic resources and information to make Geology field activities easier.

Geocamp was funded by the Ministry of Universities, Research and Information Society (DURSI) in 2002 official announcement of helps for the improvement of teaching quality projects in Catalan universities in the setting of the project titled ‘Optimització amb suport multimèdia de les pràctiques de camp en l’assignatura de Geologia’ (‘optimisation of geology field activities with multimedia software’.)

Geocamp has four different sections:

  • Preparing the fieldtrip includes links and information about many important aspects to think about when preparing a field activity: which place to choose, means of transport, weather forecast, material, etc. You will also find teaching materials about topographic or geological maps and many links of great interest.
  • Working in the field contains methodology that makes outcrop analyse easier. It also includes analyse, description and interpretation models used by professional geologists and that can also be useful to improve fieldtrip achievement. There are also some security advice to reduce field work risks.
  • Itineraries includes many examples of regional geologic descriptions. In the first section there are some itineraries that were specifically designed for GEOCAMP. Following a definite structure they give some information about interesting elements of the studied areas as well as its approaches and its geological general characterisation. Then all noteworthy elements of each stop of the route are described. Finally, in the second section, there are links to other geologic routes on the Net.
  • After the fieldtrip offers some proposal to make the fieldtrip final report.

Geocamp is intended for university students of Geology subjects and field practical work. This gateway can also be useful for students of other levels only if their teachers make a selection and adapt the contents of the website for them.

Geocamp is open to all geologists and Natural Science teachers contribution. All contents, itineraries, links, etc. are permanently under construction. We invite you to help improving and make it grow to turn it into a useful tool for everyone. You can send your proposal or opinions to:

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